Bee Flying Vehicle


Bee Flying Vehicle

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Product name: induction bee aircraft
Material: ABS electronic components
Charging time: about 25 minutes
Play time: about 6-8 minutes
Size: 14.5*14.5*12cm
Product Type: Gesture Sensing
Product features: indoor and outdoor can play, crash-resistant and fall-resistant, barrier can be automatically power-off protection

Operating instructions:

1. Before taking off, check whether the bee is in good condition and turn on the switch

2. Hold the bee with your hand from the head and wait for 3 seconds before the bee takes off.

3. During the lifting process of the small bee, the hand can be used to sense the flight at the bottom of the small bee.

4, catch the bee, turn off the switch, stop flying

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Note: Due to the version update, the color box packaging will be different, please take the final receipt as the standard!

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